Pittsylvania County

All businesses located in or operating in Pittsylvania County must have zoning approval for the business location from the Community Development Department’s Zoning Office.

All businesses (except for corporations that are registered with the State Corporation Commission) must register the business name with Pittsylvania County at the Clerk of Circuit Court’s Office.

Contact Information
New businesses should contact the   Office of the Commissioner of Revenue  at 434-432-7945 for the proper reporting forms for personal property taxation and code compliance to insure the business location is properly zoned.

Pittsylvania County offers fast track permitting through our “One Stop Permitting Center”. Companies that choose Pittsylvania County as their site location are assigned a specific coordinator to assist in expediting the entire permitting process.

Building & Zoning:

All businesses must provide an application and have all renovations reviewed and approved by the Building Inspections Division within Community Development Department.

Pittsylvania County  issues separate permits for building, electric, mechanical, signage and plumbing work to be performed. There are other pertinent forms, such as asbestos remediation, plan review, etc., that may need to accompany your application.

  • Signage must be reviewed and approved by Community Development Department’s Zoning Division.


Natural Gas, Water/Wastewater, Broadband, Telecommunications). Danville clients should please visit the Customer Service Office. A security deposit may be required to start service. Utility Rates are available on the City of Danville webpage

Utilities in Pittsylvania County are also provided by

The Pittsylvania County Service Authority (PCSA) provides water and sewer service for all areas of the County outside the City of Danville and outside the incorporated towns of Chatham, Hurt, and Gretna.  To serve its customers, the PCSA has contracts to purchase bulk water from the City of Danville, Henry County Public Service Authority, the Town of Chatham and the Town of Hurt.  PCSA does not currently own or operate water or sewer treatment facilities.

Other utilities are provided by Appalachian Power Company, Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative, and the City of Danville. Please contact our office to learn where your site falls. Davenport Energy provides natural gas and propane service.