Living in the Danville Region


Located in beautiful south-central Virginia, Danville City and Pittsylvania County have an experience for everyone! We have excellent housing options, thriving school systems, extensive medical resources and an entertainment scene that exceed expectations with a wide variety of activities.

Whether you can picture yourself living in a loft or historic home in the city or living in a rural setting with acreage and a view, you will find your dream home in Southern Virginia.

Our downtown core of cities and towns have availability of attractive loft residences located near unique shopping and dining experiences with access to residential fiber (Internet, TV and Phone) and walking trails and you can enjoy all of the amenities of larger metropolitan areas for a fraction of the cost. Our rural settings present opportunities for natural locations for horses, vineyards, ponds, and creeks and picturesque surroundings of tranquility in close proximity to nearby towns and cities.

No matter where you choose to live, you will enjoy housing costs 15-30% below the national average with very agreeable property tax rates. Additionally, the cost of healthcare, utilities and transportation averages 10-20% below the national average across the region.

Our cities and towns boast great historic homes on tree-lined streets while houses both modern and traditional can be found in the suburbs and in rural areas. You can even choose to live on the shores of one of our lakes or on a breathtaking mountain ridge.

Excellent public schools with STEM and robotic programs, international baccalaureate schools, private schools and military academies and some of the best blue-ribbon schools in the nation are present across the Region. Specialized training schools with industry driven credentials and certifications, special needs education, and collaborative initiatives to support specialized programs to meet the needs, guide the best of development in our schools and colleges.

Whether you are addressing the needs of children, workers, or lifelong learning opportunities for yourself and your family, you will find yourself in an area that appreciates the need for a region that appreciates the importance of education and lifelong learning to guide the development of our future.

Our Region is blessed with an array of hospitals and primary care facilities in a rural setting, but in the middle of some of the best university research hospitals in the world. Medical care and healthy living are an important aspect of the quality of life in our region. Award winning physicians and medical centers make enrich the health and longevity of our citizens. Natural and organic foods from our farms, bakeries, and markets provide good healthy choices, and exercise and recreation opportunities enhance our ability to live healthy.

Specialized services and care for medical or health concerns are readily available, and emergency support to the most remote of locations is a primary concern in the creation of all of our recreation and sporting activities – building in a comfort for our citizens.

VISIT the finest of resorts or the best of lake and river rentals or stay at well-known chain or boutique hotels.

DINE to the best culinary cuisine in a five-star setting or the quality and charm of our local homegrown products in a farm to table setting.

EXPERIENCE the exhilaration of a true outdoor enthusiast or sports fan in an area rich in recreational and sporting activities.

EXPLORE the rivers, lakes, historical sites and beautiful terrain of Southern Virginia. SHOP our boutique stores and area malls

SOCIALIZE in our numerous wineries, breweries, distilleries, or parks and enjoy our festivals and events.