Pittsylvania County

Pittsylvania County works directly with businesses to create tailored incentive packages that take into account the return on investment for the county, specifically based upon capital investment, job creation, and the average wage of those jobs. Incentives may include:

-Land Cost Write Down:

The County may be willing to consider a land cost write down incentive. This incentive is designed for projects that may require a greenfield or brownfield site to construct a new building.

-Local Enterprise Zone Incentives:

Most development sites in the county fall into a Virginia Enterprise Zone, and are eligible for local EZ incentives, alongside state incentives. These incentives are based upon real property investment and job creation.

-Capital Investment Grant:

Locally administered grant that is made eligible to projects that will result in substantial taxable capital investments and job creation. The amount of grant is determined by the anticipated return-on-investment by the locale based upon expected tax revenues from real property improvements and machinery and tools.

All economic development projects are eligible for reimbursement on tap fees, waiver of fees for permits required to prepare site and build the structure.

Pittsylvania County may offer office space at for a specified period, for human resources and construction management functions.