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Economic Overview Report for Danville Region

The Danville Region has identified eight industries for targeted growth in our region:

Precision Metal Working                                   –Plastic & Polymers

Information Technology                                    –Agribusiness

Food & Beverage Processing                            –Transportation & Logistics

Pharma & Life Sciences                                      –Entrepreneurship

Danville City

  • Population:          43,055
  • Labor Force:        19,140
  • Employed:            17,989
  • Unemployed:         1,151

Pittsylvania County

  • Population:           62,194
  • Labor Force:         29,542
  • Employed:            28,201
  • Unemployed:          1,341

Industrial Parks

The Danville Region has multiple industrial parks with multiple sites and buildings available:

Airside Industrial                                                                 –Cane Creek Centre

Cyber Park                                                                             –Riverview Industrial Park

Southern Virginia Mega Site at Berry Hill                     –Southern Virginia Multimodal Park