Local Enterprise Zone

Danville's Enterprise Zone Program is managed by the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development. The program is designed to offer state and local incentives for businesses to locate or expand within the designated zone.

Danville has two enterprise zone designations, consisting of 3,652 acres of commercial, industrial, retail and office spaces.

Reimbursement of Tap fees - $5000 max
  • Water, sewer, and natural gas tap fees are reimbursed for companies that build new facilities or renovate an existing structure within the Enterprise Zone and create 20 new permanent, full-time positions. The tap fee program provides a cash grant to the job creating company of up to $5,000 to help offset costs for water, sewer, and natural gas extensions
Exemption from City Permit Fees
  • The City of Danville will waive the cost of permits required to prepare a site and/or facility for a company
  • The city does not have the authority to waive fees mandated by the state or federal governments
Local Enterprise Zone Benefits:
  • Certified documentation by a Virginia licensed CPA will be required
  • Create at least 20 PFT employees
  • Minimum taxable capital investment of $1,000,000 provides a 5 year reimbursement of real estate and machinery and tools tax. Note: Tax reimbursement cannot exceed actual taxes paid
  • If business ceases to operate in Danville within the 5 year period the full tax liability must be paid
Industrial Parks
Industrial Parks
Sites & Buildings
Sites & Buildings
  • Riverview Industrial Park, Cyber Park, Cane Creek Centre, and Airside Industrial Park all have available sites, and the parks have a full complement of water, sewer, natural gas, electric, and broadband infrastructure so the company does not have to worry about extending utilities.
  • Sites in Cane Creek and Airside are pre-graded to minimize the upfront construction costs for the company.