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Financial Literacy Workshop

  • The proposed Financial Literacy Training Program is designed to assist small business owners in understanding the importance of receiving their financial reports on a regular basis and to understand the financial reports of their business. The proposed Financial Literacy Training Program is comprised of six (6) training sessions. Each training session is two (2) hours long; for a total of twelve (12) training hours. There is one (1) training session held per week.
  • After the completion of the training program, the small business owner will understand several key indicators of the financial performance of their business such as net profit, operating cash flow, working capital, and return on assets. Each small business owner in the proposed training program will receive a copy of Managing by the Numbers: A Commonsense Guide to Understanding and Using Your Company’s Financials, written by Kremer, Rizzuto, and Case. This book is used throughout the training program as a hands-on case study.
  • In addition to learning how to understand and use their company’s financial statements, the small business owner will receive basic training in the QuickBooks accounting program.

Course Schedule:

  • September 10: Introduction to Key Financial Terms and Statements
  • September 17: QuickBooks Basics with Expert Jamee Dion
  • September 24: Understanding the Income Statement and Balance Sheet
  • October 1: Advanced QuickBooks with Jamee Dion
  • October 8: Explaining the Statement of Cash Flows and Its Integration
  • October 15: Key Financial Performance Ratios Analysis


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