Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill

The Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill, a 3,500-acre Tier 5 Certified Megasite, is now available for development with a broad array of shovel-ready sites and utility infrastructure ready for hookup. All of this is taking place in a region with an 18 percent lower cost of doing business than the US national average, in a right-to-work state, and one with a strong manufacturing heritage – validated by recent corporate newcomers such as Kyocera SGS Tech Hub LLC, Unison Tube, and Amthor International Gretna Corporate Headquarters.

The Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill has been designed with the heavy utility user in mind. Infrastructure serving the site is capable of providing up to 5.5 million gallons per day (MGD) of potable water. The park will be fed with a 20” water line from Eden N.C. and a 16” water line extended from the Pittsylvania County Service Authority. Berry Hill will also have large-scale sewer capacity, totaling three MGD.

The Williams Transco Pipeline that traverses the Megasite is another of the site’s unique attributes. An existing gate within the park will easily accommodate large natural-gas users. American Electric Power will serve Berry Hill Megasite with a new 138 KV radial feed transmission line providing redundant power capabilities.

Finally, a 160-acre site is pre-graded and pre-cleared, allowing a new tenant to get up to speed quickly and avoid lengthy delays associated with permitting and land clearance.

Situated on the Virginia/North Carolina state line midway between Greensboro N.C. and Lynchburg, VA., the Danville region draws workers from a six-county area. Southern Virginia ia an area with 2.75 M population base within a 75-mile drive – all served by four-lane, divided, high capacity highways with better than one mile-per-minute drive times.

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