Danville set to open up the city’s first splash pad

With summer right around the corner, Danville is gearing up to open something that will help kids cool off and have fun at the same time.

A new splash pad on Third Avenue will be open for kids of all ages very soon. Crews began construction on it last year. It has several different water sources that will shoot out water just with the push of a button.

Danville Parks and Recreation Director, Bull Sgrinia said that he’s excited for the splash pad to open. He added that the Parks and Recreation team has been trying to find ways to incorporate more water activities into the community.

“This is a great way to do it. This is the first of three splash pads that we are opening up,” Sgrinia said.

The splash pad will be open all day long for everyone in the community to enjoy. It will be divided into different areas for smaller kids and older kids. It will be located right in between a playground and a picnic area. Sgrinia added that there’s some interesting history at the new splash pad’s location.

“Years ago, in the 1960’s in this park, there was a wading pool. So, it’s kind of nice we were able to come back and put a splash pad in this park,” Sgrinia said.

The other splash pads that are in the works are on Green Street and Ballou Park. The Green Street splash pad will open shortly after the Third Avenue location. Crews will begin construction on the Ballou Park one soon.

The Third Avenue splash will be open at the end of May. The city plans to hold a ribbon cutting to celebrate its completion.