Temptations brings salads and sweets to Danville’s River District

Temptations was founded by Carnesha Fuller in 2020 and opened officially in March of this year. She became involved with the Dream Launch program, where she learned fundamental skills to stay active in building and implementing a brick-and-mortar business. The program awarded her $26,000 to help her realize her vision. Carnesha is the owner and operator, with her husband acting as the front-house manager.

One day, her pastor, Charles Walker, asked her to make a salad for him and he enjoyed its presentation and taste. He enjoyed it so much that he posted a picture of it online which sparked many questions from the public asking where they could go to purchase a salad as such. She started selling handmade salads as a fundraiser for her church, which quickly sprouted into a business.

Carnesha is always thinking of what she can create next. Temptations offers unique handcrafted salads, lemonade, and cheesecake parfaits, partnered with Sweetcakes. They also offer a potato salad which is a family recipe created by Carnesha’s mother. Her family often stops by the restaurant to pick up some potato salad for Sunday dinners. All ingredients come from local farmers in the Pittsylvania County area.

The restaurant is unique because customers are able to come in and create a personalized salad with a variety of toppings, which will grow over time.

“Being in the River District is a major accomplishment in itself,” said Fuller. “This was actually a Godsend, a smooth transition.”

Temptations welcomes everyone and provides an endearing experience and environment to its customers. They have many supporters, including Goodyear and the City of Danville. They collaborate with Sweetcakes Bakery in Martinsville, Ma’s Cakes in the River District, and are in the process of partnering with other organizations as well.

After the first week of being open, Carnesha began to foresee another location opening, she said, “Hopefully by December, if not the beginning of next year.”

She plans on implementing a delivery service.

“Right now I don’t have a mission statement or core value etched in stone, however, I try to follow the principles of my spiritual walk and of the Bible,” she explained.

Carnesha often gives back to her community and treats people with the same kindness she would want to receive.

“My major contribution to the community is to our homeless shelter. Every Saturday evening, I don’t care if it’s one hundred salads or whatever I have left, if it’s there, they’re getting it,” stated Fuller.

Temptations is located at 610 Craghead Street in Danville. It is open Tuesday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

By Ceilidh Hicks, Star-Tribune (Original Article Here)