Solar projects planned near mega site, Java

Two solar projects are planned in Pittsylvania County.

An 800-acre, 125-megawatt project is anticipated near the Southern Virginia Megasite at Berry Hill in the southwestern part of the county. Another 60-megawatt project covering about 370 acres is expected in Java in the area of Route 57 and Halifax Road.

Strata Solar is developer of the project near Berry Hill, while the second endeavor in Java is known as the Shockoe solar project, said Pittsylvania County Community Development Director Emily Ragsdale.

Both projects have received approval for special-use permits from the Pittsylvania County Board of Zoning Appeals. However, plans still need to be submitted for the Strata project, Ragsdale said.

“We haven’t received plans for the project,” she said.

The Shockoe project, which was approved in September 2020, must break ground within three years of its approval, Ragsdale said.

Danville had unused utility easements on the properties where the projects would be developed. Danville City Council unanimously approved releasing those easements during its regular meeting Jan. 18.

“City staff have determined that the city has no current or future need for the easement, and they appear to be surplus to the needs of the city,” City Attorney Clarke Whitfield wrote in a letter to Council. “City staff wishes to vacate the easement to assist with the anticipated development of solar energy facilities upon the affected properties.”

The city released unused utility easements on four parcels owned by the Edward Davis Family Land Use Revocable Trust and a parcel owned by Brenda Shelton and Pamela S. Adams, all of which would be used for the Shockoe Project.

Council also released an unused utility easement on a parcel owned by Rocky W. Rakes and Amy B. Rakes for the Strata solar project near the megasite at Berry Hill.

Danville Register & Bee | John Crane