Danville’s 2022 aerial photos now available online

The city of Danville’s information technology department on Monday announced that the 2022 aerial photographs are now available on its geographic information systems website using the parcel viewer application.

The photos were taken on June 2 with a 3-inch resolution. At this high resolution there are many details that can be seen including power lines, building characteristics, various types of foliage, road markings, a variety of natural boundaries and other features of your favorite places around our city.

The new images allow residents to compare how the community has developed over the years. The parcel viewer application contains prior aerial imagery from 2019, 2015, 2012, 2011, 2009, 2002, 1981, 1962, and 1948.

Residents can view the aerials free of charge. To access the application, go to the website homepage and click on “Parcel Viewer.” Launch the application and then click on the “Basemaps” button in the lower left of the screen to access the new aerials. Use the “Swipe Tool” located at the top of the map section of the page to change between the new aerials and any of the historic imagery available from 1948 to the present.

Aerial imagery will be added every year now, instead of the previous schedule of every three-four years.