Toy shop acts as a safe haven for parents and children to thrive in Danville

The Happy Little Fox Toy Shop is a toy store with products from all over the globe in the Danville River district.

The toy store officially opened on Black Friday in 2023 but was worked on for months by the owner, Amy Pruitt, through the Dream Launch program. She received a grant to help her on her journey to bring joy to both parents and children. She started the business after being a mother for about 20 years, being dedicated to her children, and being a caregiver.

“It was my goal to open the shop whether I got the grant or not, but the grant I was awarded through the River district allowed me to open it much sooner,” said Pruitt.

Through much hard work and determination she was able to open on Nov 24 last year.

After brainstorming through a notebook of name ideas, Pruitt chose the name The Happy Little Fox Toy Shop for the name of her business. Her favorite animals are foxes so she wanted to incorporate that in the name. When she tried to shorten the name it seemed impossible, but then she figured folks would say ‘that one toy shop downtown’ so she decided to keep it the way it was.

Pruitt has always enjoyed meeting new people and hearing the stories they have to tell.

“Everyone has had experiences where they don’t feel wanted or welcome, and I want people to know that if they or their children are having a rough time they can walk in and know they don’t have to say a word or talk about it just know they are wanted and welcome,” said Pruitt.

Creating a relaxing space within her shop has been one of the highest priorities when it comes to running her business. She wants to be able to find the perfect toy for each child to make their experience top-notch.

The shop features toys and games for all ages, not just children. Kids can explore deeper into their imaginations with the many medieval costumes and props or challenge themselves with a combination puzzle. Parents can find the perfect toy for their child that will last for generations and bring a smile to their face whenever they see it. The toy store offers all sorts of toys such as dolls, stuffed animals, building blocks, puzzles, some books, and many more. Some stationary products are also available in the store like stickers, collectible pens, and temporary tattoos with natural-based inks.

Pruitt makes sure to purchase her inventory from companies all over the world. She also values purchasing products that are made here in the United States and purchasing eco-friendly products. To ensure each product is high quality, she will buy a small shipment before buying in bulk.

Something Pruitt focuses on with her business is being able to provide a haven for both kids and adults.

“My mission is to provide a safe destination where parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters, everybody know that they are welcome and wanted. You can play with everything and know it’s a place where when parents come they feel like they can take a deep breath and not worry,” said Pruitt.

Many parents often worry about losing their children in the middle of a store or something falling off of a higher shelf but do not have to be nervous in The Happy Little Fox Toy Shop. The shop features bright colors that are appealing to the eyes and soft, calming music playing through the ceiling speakers.

Pruitt plans on offering sensory-safe hours for children who may be neurodivergent or be more sensitive to bright lights or loud noises. She is also working on hosting specific play times for children to have a playdate with other children and allow them to be social.

The Happy Little Fox Toy Shop is located at 321 Lynn Street in Danville. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11 am to 7 pm. Inquiries can be made by email at Folks can also visit the shop’s Facebook page and website,, to learn more about Pruitt’s story and business.

Original Article Here (Ceilidh Hicks, Chatham Star Tribune)