Chatham is a town in the southern end of Pittsylvania County that is located at a convenient crossroads for employment, enjoys moderate seasonal weather, maintains a sizable historic district, and has a variety of available services.

Real estate properties are reasonably priced both in and out of Town. The Town maintains a year-round population of approximately 1,300. Chatham has long been a crossroad for commerce.

As the County seat, it also serves as a strong government center. These two aspects have kept Chatham strong and economically vibrant.

While the Town found its initial wealth in tobacco from the fields of Pittsylvania County, it has incorporated manufacturing, a healthy retail base and private education to its economic portfolio since its founding. Chatham’s downtown retail area is growing and currently maintains four restaurants.

Chatham’s stable water supply, easy transportation access and the Pittsylvania County’s general low cost of living provide strong economic advantages for business development.

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